Tuesday, December 25, 2007

All I want for Christmas...

This Christmas like most I didn't really need anything other than my usual request for socks. I really didn't need anything because I purchased a new phone and a few parts for my ailing computer. So I honestly did not need a thing. Well Charlee had sent a package this year and was worried that I would not get my box in time for Christmas (she sent gifts) but luckily I did receive the box on the 25th, Christmas day and that made Charlee very happy! I opened the box and what was inside just made me shake my head and smile, wrapped gifts just for moi.
For Starters I received a shaving kit. I will have to admit that having one will make it easier for me when I head on over take my daily shower and believe me in Kuwait you want to take a shower everyday.

The other presents are a pair of pj's, house shoes, socks and a pair of croc's with the University of Miami logo on the strap. Oh, by the way the socks and croc's came with explicit instructions. Instructions warning me that I am not to wear the socks and the croc's together. I believe I can handle it. Thank you Paula for the socks and croc's, I promise the two shall never cross paths.

My other gift's are a little sound dock for my iPod which works pretty good and a key finder that emits an SOS in Morse code for you to find your keys when you whistle and unfortunatly when you cough so I had to disable the keychain for now. I also received a key chain leatherman that I attached to my backpack.

As you can tell my wife is not to be trusted, with my life yes but with Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversary's no, definitely not. But I love you my sweetpea. *kisses*

By the way sweetie I now have a desk! Yes it is a bit beat up and yes it is butt up against my bed but its free and I also have a small collapsible camping stool to use, it isn't comfortable but it works. Maybe this weekend I will spring for a chair. Hmm.

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