Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's over

It's 3:00 in the afternoon and 108 if your walking around outside. I guess this is the way the desert is telling you that winter/spring is over and it's time to get ready and roast your butt outside.
When I first arrived in Kuwait it was the middle of February and probably the right time for me to start acclimating to this desert climate and coming from Northern Greenland it sure felt like going from the freezer to the oven in one quick step.
When March rolled around and it got up into the mid-upper 80's I was sweating like no tomorrow and had been drinking liquids for for hours and after five hours working outside on the antenna and other stuff I still had not gone to the bathroom and let me tell you that in a sense is rather scary. After five hours I had to call a stop and rest because I was feeling a bit shaky and sweating far to much for my own good. So I headed inside and found a nice cool spot and continued drinking more liquids (water and Gatorade) for an hour until I started to feel better.
It wasn't until another four hours had gone by and our work outside being completed that I finally was able to go to the bathroom.
My boss just laughed at me for a while and all I could say was "Hey, what do you expect from someone coming from the Arctic to the desert?"
After work I took a nice long shower and just collapsed, boy did I sleep well that night.
Now here I am three years later and I'm getting used to 80 degree weather thinking it's cool outside! What the hell happened to me?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Climate is what you want, Weather is what you get!

Yesterday morning started out beautifully! But as the day wore on dark clouds started to gather on the horizon and the air turned cool and as time ticked by the sky overhead darkened but no rain fell. What is it with most people that they are never happy when it rains, it is all complaints. Why can't everyone just except the fact that it is going to rain and that rain is something that needs to happen. It gives crops the needed moisture to grow, lakes and rivers need the rain to either continue it course or feed the watershed that all city dwellers need for their drinking water. The list goes on and on so give nature a break with it rains enjoy the day, I'm sure you can figure out something to do.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It has been some time...

The 24th of this month Charlee and I have been married for 12 years. For some this is not a long time to be married to one person but think about this.
I have felt that if I feel that if this much time has passed that we have done something right. If I had felt our time together felt longer than I am probably not happy in our relationship. Luckly for me and Charlee we are both happy together and enjoy each other company even if she doesn't like Menudo!

Here is what we have for our twelve years together. We have supported each other when we hit a rough spot on the road. We have supported each other when we had a death in the family. We have laughed and loved and had our share of quarrels that all married couples have through our life together. Here is a hit for all of you out there. If you and your husband/wife have an arguement, do not go to be angry. Discuss what is bothering your and don't go to bed untill the air is cleared between the two of you. If you cannot talk to each other there is the chance that your marriage will suffer.

Combined we have a total of five children; Robin, Russell and Kristen from Charlee first marriage. Along with Jaime and Alexandria (Alex) from my first marriage. Our children have given us four wonderful grandchildren; Jr, Ryann, Kaiya and Michael all four of them are really great kids. If you want you can visit and peruse the pictures we have of our kids and grandkids.

I guess that is about it. I don't know if Charlee is going to read this page but if you do sweetheart. I love you with all my heart and soul.

Your Hubby :)

Friday, July 25, 2008


At work today I had done my usual called home to talk with my beloved Charlee and start my work for the day which will consist of making sure my Sat-terminal is behaving itself (so far it is) and than go through any mail that I had accumulated after being off for two days.
One of the letters I recieved today brought back some memories that in a small sense did not want to be reopened. Memories of the past in a sense were bitter sweet thinking of all of the good times our little group had together and some of the pains that were associated with two of us, namely Michael and myself. Of the pain and anguish that Michael had gone through in not being able to see his children I am glad for that one point in my life I did not have to go through at least not any more. I have re-established my relationship with one of my children now I am awaiting the other.
Luckly for me I do have other children in my life along with four grandchildren that keep both Charlee and I busy when they are around. But that is the life of a grandparent to coddle, play with and spoil the grandchild to give them back to their parents full of some bad habits. ;)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Short but...

The vacations over but the time spent at home with my parents and Charlee was wonderful! Charlee and I spent a bit of time driving between Texas, Florida and Alabama with a few stops inbetween. On our way to Texas we detoured through Biloxi to see how much had been restored what we found was a slow building pace but the casinos are back in full swing, a good portion of the shoreline has been cleaned up but a large portion of the houses that were devistated have yet to return. We stayed at the Westin in New Orleans and visited Bourbon Street and of course this particular party place is back to its usual self if you have a chance go and have a good time. Our drive through New Orleans to see what still remains of the damage done by the hurricane is still evident throughout the city and what it looks like to me is that most of the people just took the money and ran with it.

I visited my parents in C.C. and it was great to see them again, both of them are doing well. We had breakfast at their favorite spot every day we were in town Guerra's. A wonderful place to have breakfast and besides where can you go and have a meal for $2.50?
During our stay we had one embarrasing moment when we took everyone out for dinner at a local place that was one of the best places to eat in town. I won't divulge the name of the place but the food was wonderful but they do not take plastic! Boy was that embarrasing having to ask your guests if they have any cash or checks on hand. Oh, the shame of it all!

The last part of my stay at home we had taken our grandchild Kaiya back to the house with us so we could give her mom a short vacation. Having Kaiya around was like having her mother around. What do I mean by that? Well lets say that the mouth kept going until the eyes closed for the evening. She was a non-stop chatterbox but she is a wonderful child in that she was easy to keep tabs on and she listened well and picked up after herself. Best of all she wasn't all that bad of a picky eater, she ate most everything we put infront of her and boy she can eat.

Leaving home was, is the hardest part of returning back to the desert. Kissing Charlee and heading into the terminal was horrible but to make things worse my flight was delayed for one hour due to weather which caused the remainer of my flight back to Kuwait left in a mess. The airlines I had originally had to reschedule me through another carrier which took me five hours longer to return but the good part was both flights were not full, so being able to streatch out in all directions was a plus!

Now being back in Kuwait I am back in the hot winds and blowing sand and now I am awaiting my next rotation so I can be back home again with Charlee.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blowing sand and dust!

I just have one question. When is the cursed weather going to end? Nothing but blowing sand and dust most of the day with out a break even during the evening hours! But where we are if we need to relieve ourselves or get our lunch or any number of things we have to head outside and by the time we get back we are covered with dirt and dust and when we get back to our rooms everything inside is covered in a thin layer of dust that has blown in through the cracks in the air-conditioners! It is a never ending battle. But if your into getting a sandblast facial this is the place for you!

One more day and I will be on the plane heading home! Even if it is for only two weeks I will be home with my Charlee! We have a few things planned like visiting my parents in Texas and than seeing the kids in Florida and anyone else we can visit while running around. I just know one thing, it will be wonderful to be with Charlee.

I am hoping that when I return the horrible desert weather will have abated so please anyone reading this please send a prayer our way.

See ya'll later!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A taste of home

Yesterday I was out shopping for a few items that I need for my room and a couple of items from the grocery. The first stop was Sears on sixth ring I looked for some new shirts but they were all not my size. Next stop Ikea in the Avenue's, it is a wonderful place to find all of the little stuff you would need to help make your room lived in. I found a bowl that I will use to place candy into, a couple of plates and bowls, some veeery inexpensive silverware and a few other items but of course I will have to return in a couple of weeks to pick up a few other items (I ran out of KD) that I would like to get to finish off the room.

The last stop was Carrefour. I picked up a half kilo of Saudi Feta, 1 flat of eggs, fresh sliced pineapple, fresh mint leaves and chili mayo. What caught my eye after picking up the chili mayo was a bottle of Bama mayonnaise written in both English and Arabic, I had to stop and chuckle at seeing something that either Charlee or I would buy at the local pig (Piggly Wiggly for those of you who don't know). Well I had to buy a small bottle of mayo anyway to make some deviled eggs for our upcoming cookout this Sunday.

Would you like to join us?

See ya' there!