Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blowing sand and dust!

I just have one question. When is the cursed weather going to end? Nothing but blowing sand and dust most of the day with out a break even during the evening hours! But where we are if we need to relieve ourselves or get our lunch or any number of things we have to head outside and by the time we get back we are covered with dirt and dust and when we get back to our rooms everything inside is covered in a thin layer of dust that has blown in through the cracks in the air-conditioners! It is a never ending battle. But if your into getting a sandblast facial this is the place for you!

One more day and I will be on the plane heading home! Even if it is for only two weeks I will be home with my Charlee! We have a few things planned like visiting my parents in Texas and than seeing the kids in Florida and anyone else we can visit while running around. I just know one thing, it will be wonderful to be with Charlee.

I am hoping that when I return the horrible desert weather will have abated so please anyone reading this please send a prayer our way.

See ya'll later!

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