Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's over

It's 3:00 in the afternoon and 108 if your walking around outside. I guess this is the way the desert is telling you that winter/spring is over and it's time to get ready and roast your butt outside.
When I first arrived in Kuwait it was the middle of February and probably the right time for me to start acclimating to this desert climate and coming from Northern Greenland it sure felt like going from the freezer to the oven in one quick step.
When March rolled around and it got up into the mid-upper 80's I was sweating like no tomorrow and had been drinking liquids for for hours and after five hours working outside on the antenna and other stuff I still had not gone to the bathroom and let me tell you that in a sense is rather scary. After five hours I had to call a stop and rest because I was feeling a bit shaky and sweating far to much for my own good. So I headed inside and found a nice cool spot and continued drinking more liquids (water and Gatorade) for an hour until I started to feel better.
It wasn't until another four hours had gone by and our work outside being completed that I finally was able to go to the bathroom.
My boss just laughed at me for a while and all I could say was "Hey, what do you expect from someone coming from the Arctic to the desert?"
After work I took a nice long shower and just collapsed, boy did I sleep well that night.
Now here I am three years later and I'm getting used to 80 degree weather thinking it's cool outside! What the hell happened to me?

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