Friday, July 25, 2008


At work today I had done my usual called home to talk with my beloved Charlee and start my work for the day which will consist of making sure my Sat-terminal is behaving itself (so far it is) and than go through any mail that I had accumulated after being off for two days.
One of the letters I recieved today brought back some memories that in a small sense did not want to be reopened. Memories of the past in a sense were bitter sweet thinking of all of the good times our little group had together and some of the pains that were associated with two of us, namely Michael and myself. Of the pain and anguish that Michael had gone through in not being able to see his children I am glad for that one point in my life I did not have to go through at least not any more. I have re-established my relationship with one of my children now I am awaiting the other.
Luckly for me I do have other children in my life along with four grandchildren that keep both Charlee and I busy when they are around. But that is the life of a grandparent to coddle, play with and spoil the grandchild to give them back to their parents full of some bad habits. ;)

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