Saturday, December 22, 2007

And so it begins

Since yesterday afternoon it has been raining, drizzling, back to rain and now, early this morning it seems as if a fog has rolled in and is acting as a blanket covering everything in sight. I don't mind the wet season here because of the life it brings to the desert. The small thorny bushes, the grasses that lay here and there not to mention some of the short trees, they are all just enjoying the extra moisture and soaking it up.
We have 5 trees here where we work and have been nurturing them since late summer and they have been doing quite well. It is unfortunate that they are planted so close together that I believe after a few years of growth one or two might have to be removed but I hope not. Anyway by the time they grow to any kind of height I will probably not be here. But it is nice to sit back and dream of what is to come of the trees.
What I do not like about the rain here is what comes with it. The mud! It sticks like glue to your shoes and gets everywhere. No matter how careful you are the cloths you are wearing are going to get muddy. Has anyone heard of a dirt shirt? If you haven't the idea is to take the red dirt or what ever type of dirt that is in your area and take a nice clean shirt or two etc. and place the shirt in a tub with the dirt and some water to get a nice slury going. stir it around for a bit so that the dirt works itself into the fabric and stains your once white shirt brown and viola a dirt shirt. Some one can market it and call it the Kuwait dirt shirt (Don't forget to print that on the shirt just don't call the shirt an dirt shirt without having it spelled out on your shirt). Now if anyone starts that trend here in Kuwait I get a percentage! At least 40% Anyway this is the same as the Alabama dirt shirt and other dirt shirt through out the USA.

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