Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just enjoying the view

One of true delights of a day for me are sunrises and sunsets. Don’t get me wrong those nice sunny days where the sky is a clear blue turquoise color with puffy clouds that look like Mickey Mouse, an Indian head or a number of shapes thrown in. But my favorites are the sun rises and sunsets. Nothing can really please the senses to the point of pure relaxation than that. Yesterday and the day before during my return back to my room I had witnessed the sunsets that were really nice sunrise pictures. You had the warm hues below the clouds and the cooler colors above that contrasted the sky so wonderfully and in the middle you can see the sun peaking here and there through the clouds as it ascends the morning sky. Two days in a row I was blessed with two nice sunrises

Sunsets here are in a sense plain but still spectacular in there own way. When the sky is void of clouds and with a bit of dust in the air is enough you will have one of the prettiest burnt orange colored sunsets that you can witness here. I have taken a few pictures of the sunsets but with buildings in the way and power lines here and there it would detract from sunset itself I will have to get a car for a day and pick an area where I can sit back and wait for the sun to set and take a series of pictures so you can see what I mean. What you will see in the pictures does by no stretch of the imagination equal what you see as it actually occurs no matter how much you tweak the parameters of your digital pictures it is still a digital picture, you capture the moment. What can I say, there is nothing like watching nature at its best.

Not in the to distant past I had been working in Northern Greenland, a nice little place called Pituffik. Viewing sunsets and sunrises in Greenland have been a joy, there intense colors coupled with the clairity of the sky is something that you have to see. I would imagine that viewing sunsets anywhere else in the world at that latitude would grant you some beautiful sunsets.

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BarryUno said...

I was presented with a Nikon D-SLR camera by my fiance for my birthday last month and I've just started taking pictures with it. It's my first D-SLR so it's taking a while for me to get the hang of it but the photographs are spectacular.

I think Kuwait in the winter is pretty decent for photography when it's not raining and sometimes even when it is and sunsets are pretty interesting (if you manage to avoid the power lines and buildings that is). Or you could take some pretty decent shots on your way to the farmhouses in Wafra!