Friday, December 14, 2007

Some things just cannot be helped

My idea of heading out to dinner this past Tuesday (11 Dec 07) did not pan out. Why? I had a touch of the flu that actually started on the 9th and ended for the most part on the 13th. So I worked for two days with a flu than stayed in my bed for two days to kill it off and finially on the 13th it has pretty much gone away. But for the two days off I had spent in bed wrapped up in my nice warm blanket with a wool cap on my head to help get rid of that nasty bug. One of my problems with sleeping and laying down for such a lenght of time is that my body gets very sore and I have to get up and walk around. On the second day of bed rest I back was hurting, legs sore and I had a headache from laying down on a not to comfortable pillow and of course I am sore all over from the damn uncomfortable bed that the gvmt so gladly provided me. The damn mizers!. After downing a few Tylenol's here and there the past few days the aches and pains are gone and I am back at work waiting for my next two days so I can make it down to the Mogal Mahal restaurant (The one located near the Sharq Mall).

On a lighter note, earlier this evening I was taking a short walk to streatch my legs. When I rounded a storage shed I was face to face with a desert fox. It was kinda great to have a run in with him/her (Since I cannot tell the sex of the fox, I will just use "him" and the masculine forms) and fortunatly for me and the fox neither of us jumped and ran in opposite directions. He just sat there stared at me for a few than got on all fours and walked toward me a bit and stared at me a bit more than returned back to his previous spot and sat right back down. I guess I was not much of a threat to him or he would have run off, honestly I don't know and I don't care it was nice to see him in the wild. What was unfortunate is that I did not have my camera handy. After watching him for a little while I walked slowly away from him and headed back inside with a bit of a smile on my face for having meet the little fox. Later on this evening I needed to streatch my legs again and remembered to take my camera with me before I headed out the door, when when I walked outside and walked around the storage shed there he again was just sitting there with out a care in the world but it did look like he was keeping a look out for something, what I don't know. But I politely bade him a good evening and let him know that I was going to take his/her picture. I snapped a three pictures of the little fella and he didn't move an inch as I moved closer to him to grab a couple of pictures. As soon as I resize the pictures I will post there here for everyone to see.

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