Monday, December 31, 2007

Smell and Memories

I believe that one of our strongest senses that we have is our sense of smell. A smell can bring back memories of your childhood and beyond. You really don't think about certain smells until it hits you. As an example you have to cut your grass which takes you a few hours to accomplish but after you have finished and headed back inside and get cleaned up and you go back out to view your handy work the smell of freshly cut grass assails your nose and BAM! Your back to another time. And just that nice clean smell of cut grass makes you want to sit down outside and relax and think about some of your happiest times. I feel sorry for those who live in a city where you have no grass but concrete and asphalt, the smells of the renewal of the earth in Spring and Summer showers that you might never have had a chance to experience.
Yesterday early in the morning it rained a little bit, it didn't last long but afterwards you can smell the nice clean scent left after it has rained. In the desert you have the same scent in the air and it is wonderful. Breathing it in reminded me of home. Both Charlee and I enjoy the clean scent of the air and even after a thunderstorm which is our favorite to watch. After the rain Charlee usually laments that after the rain she will have to get out and cut the grass in a few days. Don't feel sorry for her she loves cutting the grass.
What is it for you that brings back memories from the past? The smell of freshly baked bread? Fresh tamales coming from the steamer, your favorite cake or pie being baked? Think about it, think about that one particular smell and I bet you will probably have a smile on your face.

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Mirandian said...

Indeed, smell can evoke some memories...And I love the smell of earth after a good rain!

Wish you too & Charlee a very happy New Year!

PS:- I like the photo on your Profile. Is he yours?!