Monday, January 21, 2008

Whats in the news

Very little of the news we get has little to do with with what good is happening in the world, what we do get is a lot of is bad, negative or tragic news, Take the following headlines:

"Fire engulfs downtown Lawrence." The Boston Globe.
As one who listened to the news from Boston for several years let me tell you. This is nothing new, something is burning to the ground in Boston all the time.

"Bodies fall out of sky as planes collide." ABC News

"Homeless man accused of attacking four people with a chainsaw." USA Today

Not once single news item mentioned something good happening in the U.S. There are good things happening out there in the world but it isn't sensational enough to bring in the readers or the conspiracy theorist.

Reading U.S. news via Google news that was the majority of the stories listed along with tragic stories of the four children who were tossed over a bridge in Southern Alabama by their father. Out of the twenty or so stories we have the following lined up for use to peruse.
One article on sports, two entertainment, four tragic stories, three deaths, two about the weather, two on current politics and five special interenst stories and the list goes on. Out of all that was posted not a single one was of a bit of good news. I could care less about the majority of the news listed and I dismiss all of the news about our current political show down between Barak and Hillary. For me this is not a black or white issue or wheather male or female. I believe that neither one of the candidates deserve the presidency nor do I believe that either of them have enough experience for the office. Speaking of which where is Ms. Rice? That woman impresses me. Hey I'm sliding here! Sorry about my ramblings.
I would love to read a human interest story that has some good, something decent. I am getting tired of having to see in print and television of all the deaths, bombings, political manuevering, etc, etc, etc. Is that to much to ask for?

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