Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a...

Yesterday George, Jared and I visited a restaurant that specializes is fish. The restaurant is called Totally Fish, we had a wonderful although expensive (to me it was expensive) and I would also have to say they did not scrimp on anything. George has his fish grilled and fried. Jared and I had our fish stir fried and grilled.

What was nice is that you chose the fish you wanted than you chose between having your whole fish prepared by grilling, stir-fry, baked and fried, you can also have half of your fish prepared like we had above. In addition you received saffron rice and vegetables on the side along with your water. For our drink I had Seychelles tea which was a nice flavor of blackberries, fresh mint, tea and something else I cannot describe but it was good!

When we exited the restaurant we were greeted by the waitress who followed us out the door, once we exited the establishment we were again greeted but by a four legged variety. A cat who loved to talk. I found it a bit funny for two reasons. The waitress was trying to shoo him/her away and what was the icing on the cake he or she was waiting outside of a restaurant who serves fish. Below is the picture of our waitress and the cat at the door leading to the restaurant.

Now comes the main part of this story. After seeing Jared off George and I headed back to Buehring and the radio was on when all of a sudden "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" comes on the radio! All I could do was stare at it. Here it is January of '08 Christmas has come and gone and I am listening to that song. George and I just started laughing, here in Kuwait, in the Middle East of all places. At least we had an excellent dinner!

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