Sunday, February 24, 2008

At the movies

Months ago I had set up an account with Netflix in order to watch a movie I had read about in thet news or haven't seen in some time. I find myself enjoying movies from the 1950's to the 60's the most fun and entertaining to watch just because they are well written. What is funny is that I cannot pinpoint when it seemed as if the all that matter to the studio's that contents doesn't count just the bottom line, a lot of the movies in theaters from the past 10 years to today are really not that good, sure they are entertaining just not that good.
Nothing seems truly original, true there are some good movies out there but nothing seems really original only a handfull have really good that I would watch them again if givn the chance and here are a couple of my choices:
Pans Labyrinth
Sixth Sense
The Shawshank Redemption
Dead Poets Society
Gosford Park

The current run of movies using comic book characters isn't too bad but they haven't been spectacular either or at least to me they haven't. Movies that have been formulated from books seem to have more going for them than the comic books stories, namely the Lord of the Ring trilogy. Which given the length of the story in book form you can only choose and film so much. I believe that Mr. Jackson did a wonderful job with the movie.
It would be nice to see another film with originality like the Sixth Sense or Gosford Park again and maybe this year something will come out with a bit of thought and substance that will give the viewer something to really grab them. One can hope.

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