Friday, March 14, 2008

A tree grows in Brooklyn.

This has nothing to do with Johnny and Katie in the story it just sounded pretty good title for this little story. This little note has to do with an article I had read today in the New York Times Home and Garden section titled “Backyards, Beware: An Orchard Wants Your Spot.” The article talks about one gentleman from England who now lives in Brooklyn and has a back yard that totals 150 square feet.
In other words 10’ x 15’ plot of land to call and do as he wishes and what he has done with this piece of land is create an orchard that contains two cherry trees, two apple trees, one Cox’s orange Pippin in a planter, a Santa Rosa Plum tree a Concord grapevine in a barrel that he is trying to grow vertically, three varieties of blackberries, a fig tree a litchi and two tangerine trees (kept in the basement during the winter).
For the size of his plot of land and the amount of trees he has planted and potted he certainly has a variety of fresh fruit to choose from given the trees receive an ample amount of sunlight during the growing season.
The article went on to write about another home gardener, a lady and her boyfriend who live in Southern Calif who are doing the same thing with the small amount the bear ground they have in their back yard.
What does all of this have to do with me? Nothing, nothing at all this mainly applies to Charlee, you see we have three acres of land of which two and a half acres of our land does not have a thing on it other than grass and a few trees. Charlee would love to have her very own orchard of peaches, apples etc. I think I would like a fig and lemon tree or two added to the orchard. It would be nice to walk out your back door to view your trees and see the fruit dangling from the branches waiting to be picked once they have ripen. Wouldn’t it also be nice to have the aroma of the trees when they come into bloom during the spring? To make this happen will take time and patients, it takes fruit trees a few years to grow and mature before they start producing a good amount of fruit and the time you will also have to take to keep the trees pruned and healthy. Now imagine all of the canning you get to do! Charlee and I have always wanted to try our hand at canning and if this does happen we are going to be a bit busy.

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