Monday, March 31, 2008


My sense of color coordination for the most part is non-existent besides a three year old has better color coordination with crayons than I do. What am I getting at besides the obvious fact that I am color blind or color challenged? Nothing really it is just that Charlee is working on the house preparing it for the possible move from our home to another part of the state or just around the corner. The kitchen is complete along with the laundry room of which I personally like the way it came out and the next project on the list is the living room dining room area which is one very large room that does nothing except during the holidays. The popcorn has been removed from the ceiling, center beam has been covered to depict a solid wooden beam and the trim will be replaced and painted shortly after the walls have been painted. Now we come to the crux of the story, paint. Not so much the paint but the color of the paint she wants to apply and this particular color called “Dusty Plum”.

I have a problem with “Dusty Plum” in that I have no idea what a dusty plum looks like because I never seen the color before and if you are talking about something along the lines of a plum sitting on your kitchen counter with several weeks of dust on I would be leery of touching or eating the fruit. Sorry back to the point at hand, Charlee being a patient soul tried to get my mind bent around the color of “Dusty Plum” by describing the color as that being gray in nature with a bit of purple thrown in.

Knowing she had visited Loews I figured I can give their website a try and see if there is by chance a color swatch of “Dusty Plum”, the color she has chosen and guess what they certainly do! Seen below is the color of choice and it looks like a sun bleached purple to me but over all a nice color. Now being one that cannot for the life of me color coordinate I will bow to my wife choice of color because of several reasons.
1. My wife’s keen fashion sense.
2. My wife’s better judgment.
3. My lack of being able to coordinate any two colors.

But I am curious about something here; it is in the descriptions of the colors below. If someone told you they are going to paint their living room “Eddie Bauer Home, Linden.” or “Aquatic Edge”. What first comes to mind? My answer to that is “What color is that?” But that is just my own opinion.
You know what is scary? That there are quite a few people out there who will know exactly what color you are talking about.

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