Thursday, May 1, 2008

A taste of home

Yesterday I was out shopping for a few items that I need for my room and a couple of items from the grocery. The first stop was Sears on sixth ring I looked for some new shirts but they were all not my size. Next stop Ikea in the Avenue's, it is a wonderful place to find all of the little stuff you would need to help make your room lived in. I found a bowl that I will use to place candy into, a couple of plates and bowls, some veeery inexpensive silverware and a few other items but of course I will have to return in a couple of weeks to pick up a few other items (I ran out of KD) that I would like to get to finish off the room.

The last stop was Carrefour. I picked up a half kilo of Saudi Feta, 1 flat of eggs, fresh sliced pineapple, fresh mint leaves and chili mayo. What caught my eye after picking up the chili mayo was a bottle of Bama mayonnaise written in both English and Arabic, I had to stop and chuckle at seeing something that either Charlee or I would buy at the local pig (Piggly Wiggly for those of you who don't know). Well I had to buy a small bottle of mayo anyway to make some deviled eggs for our upcoming cookout this Sunday.

Would you like to join us?

See ya' there!

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david santos said...

Hello, Amaroq!
I loved this post.
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