Tuesday, November 27, 2007


During my high school years I was not among the popular crowd though I did have hang with a few of them and I did have a pretty good time. One friends I had made in school really did not like me in the beginning and to tell you the truth I don't even know how we started to hang together with the rest of the guys who for the most part still keep touch. Micheal was on the football team, very analytical, ran on the track team, in the band etc.

We had kept in contact throughout his time at Rice University, The Navy and his departure from the Navy. The both of us had gone through our seperate divorce issues that neither of us could really deal with but had to non the less. We both made it through but Michaels divorce and estrangment from his children was even worse than mine and continued to this day.

Donny was finially able to contact me through my mother to let me know that Mike passed away today. We both know that Mike had not been doing well after leaving the hospital from being in the hospital due to alcohol. Since that time Mike had physically changed from a man who ran to one who shuffled his feet like a man of 70. It was hard to see him like that but he was, is my friend. Micheal had been in the hospital for 30 days before he passed away from complications due to medication, health and surgical issues. I had never know he was in the hospital until I recieved Donny's call.

Writing about this now is hard and I had to stop during some point in the middle, why? You see, Charlee and I were planning on heading down to Texas for a few days to see my parents and I was also going to visit with Michael. Though not knowing he was in the hospital. As most people look back in time they see what has happened and what could have happened and for me I know wish we had gone on ahead had visited my parents. I would have at least been able to see my friend one last time.
Bye my brother, I love you.


Mirandian said...

I'm sorry to read about Michael...but life goes on...cherish the good times shared.

Glad to read that you enjoyed my Blog...my thoughts. Hope you'll stop by again. All the best with your Blog.

Carol said...

Oh Raul I am soooo sorry to hear that Michael had such a bad marriage and was estranged from his children. I wish I had known. He was such a good person and did not deserve any of that. If I could not be with my son I know alcohol would consume me too. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I really was gaga over him in 9th grade. He was my very first date and we went to see the movie Car Wash. Why did he have surgeries and medical complications from medications? Was it all alcohol related? I have heard his song he had for me several times since finding out about his death. "This One's for you." It was senseless to die so young. I miss you Michael and will see you in heaven. Carol