Sunday, December 9, 2007

Well now what?

Quite a few items are on the fire right now, Charlee and I are getting ready for a cruise this upcoming June for a seven day jaunt around the Western Carribean with some friends we know from Greenland and other places. So far I have had two nibbles and have passed on their addresses to Charlee so she can send them the particulars after the first of the year, I hope we can have a nice little group come with up but either way we are still heading out.

I am thinking about grilling out some steaks and other things some time this month but I have to see about getting a stainless steel pan from somewhere, maybe if I ask one of the guys around here real nice like they will let me have one of their extras so I can keep the meat in grill warm while the rest of it cooks.

This upcoming Tuesday Gary and I and anyone else who would like to dinner are heading to Mogal Mahal (I hope I spelled it correctly) a nice Indian restaurant in downtown Kuwait for dinner (not in the dfac), relaxing and to chat, afterwards we have to head back to our dreary camp.
I will let you all know how good or bad dinner was I do know that the Masala tea is simply wonderful! My last visit was pretty darn good, wonderful flavors that did not impose themselves with the rest of the flavors from my meal, lets hope this upcoming meal is as good as the last!
I have been talking with a friend here at work about finding a good Lebanese restaurant in kuwait. We have heard there are quite a few downtown but where in Kuwait I do not know but I am going to have to find one so wish me a bit o'luck and a bit of the Irish rubs off on me!

Well ya'll take care and keep smiling! Why? Because it makes everyone wonder what you are thinking about!

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