Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey Day at home!

The trip home from Kuwait was a very long trip with a stop over in Amsterdam's Schipol airport which was a nice experience. Why? Well, it is easy to get to the concourse that you need for your next leg of your trip because of the maps signs point you in the right direction. Unlike Charles DeGuille Airport which is a nightmare! Anyway, after leaving Amsterdam my flight continued on the Detriot International Airport which is also layed out well. Now I had to wait for four hours before my flight to Birmingham once that came and I got on board it was smooth sailing until another guy who boarded the aircraft was (like me) a pretty good size individual sat in the seat next to me! My goodness out of the whole plane we are the two biggest guys and we had to share a row. At least we made good out of it and had a some pretty good conversations during our under two hour trip home. I wish I could remember his name so I could wish him a belated Happy Thanksgiving.

Being home for two weeks from Kuwait is not enough but Charlee and I make the most of it and do what we can together (which is most everything) and that included picking up friends and family at the airport the next day. Getting the beds made, making sure there are enough towels for all the showers, baths etc. that are going to occur, you know...just the usual stuff.
Well everyone made it to the house except Kristin. She couldn't not make it due to her boyfriends mother coming to town during the holidays. But the rest of the family was there in force to include Paula from down Miami way. We also had Kathy, Steve and their kids there for the feast.

The Feast. We had prepared one turkey, a pork roast and a ham with gravy for each. Our sides consisted of cranberry relish (Paula's delicious recipe), Cranberry sauce, cornbread dressing, green beans (no green bean casserole), Sweet potato casserole (Roby's recipe) Roby also forgot too bring something but we won't talk about it now will we?)), five different yeast rolls and ceaser salad.
Amy and Kathy prepared the cookies, double chocolate cake, chocolate cheese cake and my favorite Lemon meringue pie.
After everyone had their fill the remanents of our dinner layed in disarray on the table but was still being picked over as the later afternoon progressed that was our signal to start making plates for those who had to start on their way back home. Once that was completed we had very little to put away and have for leftovers the next day, so I guess Charlee and I had guess right on how much to cook!

It was wonderful to have the family at home this time but not having Kris there left a hole in Charlee's heart. I can understand why but sometimes it cannot be helped. Next year we are going to be heading down to Florida for Turkey day and hopefully we will all be together again, but we just might try heading down to Texas if at all possible to my parents.

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