Thursday, January 10, 2008

A few days earlier

The three of us finally made it to the Mugal Mahal restaurant and our dinner was delicious! Gary and I had Tari - Wali Murg and Mughalai Biryani. Mike had the Mughalai Biryani and Roganjosh. There were a couple of funny points of the evening the best being the look we received from our waiter. He had asked us if we wanted our meal mild, medium or hot. Gary and I opted for the hot and Mike the mild version. Our waiter look at Gary and I and asked us if we were sure that is what we wanted and the both of us gave an emphatic nod Yes!
When our meals arrived we did not hesitate and dug right in (of course after giving grace) and enjoyed ourselves. It was not much long after we had received our dinner that the three of us were full and we only ate half of our rice and most of the Tari. The rest of the evening was spent chatting about nonsense stuff, after a few minutes Gary wanted dessert and he ordered Gulab Jamun. They are described as balls (you get two of them per serving) of Khoya deep fried, soaked in sugar syrup and served hot! I will admit that they were quite tasty having a caramel flavor and a spongy consistency and they were hot! You had no choice but to wait for them to cool down before eating them. The other part of jokes for the evening surrounded the dessert Gary bought and we will not get into what it was but suffice it to say it was anatomical in nature.

Our next dining adventure is going to be fish. There is a restaurant at the Marina Mall on the waters edge. I'll let you know how things turn out.

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