Sunday, January 6, 2008

IC Clinic

My trip to the dentist today was a bit of an adventure being that I had no idea where it was (but yes baby I did get directions, but they were a bit off) and I was late by half an hour. What saved me was a phone call from the clinic inquiring if I was going to make the appointment. I let the lady know that I do wish to make the appointment but I am a bit lost. Kuwait does have some method to their collective madness where the labyrinth street system is concerned but I have yet to grasp the concept but give me time. Ooops drifted off subject a bit. Another lady called me and got me to the clinic in short order but when I walked in the rear entrance I was greeted by one of the ladies working the reception desk and asked if I was Mr. Ruiz. I let her know that yes I am and that I apologize for being late. She asked me to sit down as I filled out a single sheet of paper giving the usual information. Name, date, reason for visit, phone number etc. After that simple tasked was completed upstairs to the second floor I went.
Arriving at the dental clinic I was asked if I was Mr. Ruiz. Once again I sheepishly nodded my acknowledgement and apologized once again to the ladies at the reception desk. It wasn't long after my arrival that I was ushered into Dr. Ahmad Rayyan's office and let me tell you this little place though being small was very well equipped and state of the art.
I gave the doctor the last x-ray taken at Buehring and he looked at it and said "root canal". He minced no words at that started my treatment. He first applied a gel that numbed my tooth and the surrounding area and after a minute or so the drill went into action. I felt no pain but I did smell a bad odor as he was evacuating my tooth. He had mentioned that it was black underneath the filling and warned me not to swallow. Now let me tell you that was one warning he did not have to give me. Since the nerves in my tooth are dead I felt no pain what so ever but I did feel the tugging as he cleaned out the canals from whence my nerves once resided. The doctor further cleansed the area with a chloride type solution to sterilize the interior of the tooth than used a medicated packing to help clear the abscess. I was also prescribed an antibiotic and some pills for pain if later on I had some pain which I did not.
This portion of my visit cost me 58 KD ($203.50 USD) Which was my consultation (11KD) and the root canal (40KD). I have another visit on the 12th of Jan.
What has been a pain during my period of awaiting for my antibiotics to take affect and rid myself of this abscess is that I have to remember to chew on the right side. There have been a few times where I have forgotten and now I am missing part of the medicated packing in my tooth. I just hope the doctor isn't to upset with me, lets all cross our fingers and hope.
More later!

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