Sunday, January 13, 2008

The visit

Yesterday was my second visit to Dr. Rayyan office to work on my tooth again. He had cleaned up the interior of the tooth and bored out the canals once again, irrigated and refilled the cavity with more medicated packing. Now I have to wait for another three days and probably another 50KD. If I understood the doctor correctly he is going to fill the tooth and let the bone heal which he said would take apx 3 months or more to accomplish and at that time than have a crown installed. I know next time that I will try to be a bit more coherent because I was certainly tired when I got to his office. Working 12 hours and waking an hour prior to leaving for work than taking 40 minutes to get to work than the hour and a half from work to his office and another hour and a half for the return trip. UUUUGH! But it has to be done. At least I received three hours of sleep before having to wake up and get ready for work! Yep it makes for a long night.
Hey it is 4:30 am and the temperature is 31 deg F and fog! Wow!

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